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Business Card Design

4 years ago by kunal das
Client's brief - Hello,
I am Marcelene, I just founded a new business called Marcelene's Tours. I'm looking for someone that can design something for my business. I want to have a businesscard for myself. Would you be interested?

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Wow. This caught my eye instantly. The design & color scheme is so simple & elegant. I love the front of it. The back I found a bit too noisy with the pattern. But overall its amazing!
6 months ago by Viola - Reply
I love this. Especially the colours. The front of the business card however looks a bit cluttered. But all in all, it's really great.
4 years ago by Joanne Ike - Reply
thanks for the suggestions .
4 years ago by kunal das - Reply
I really love the design, the one thing I would maybe change is the crystal pattern on the back, its a little distracting and that many colors, even being monochromatic don't look good together.
4 years ago by Lance Brightmire - Reply
9 months ago by Zahrrakh - Reply

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