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Dallas Steakhouse

3 months ago by Chollene
A Texas shaped Steak and the bone (circle) is placed where the Dallas in Texas is.

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Like the idea and the balance of it all. But, as it's a logo, what happens to the texture when it's as big as 1/4 po.
1 month ago by Isa
This looks absolutely perfect! The texture is really nice (Would love to know what brushes you used), and the idea of the steak in the shape of Texas is amazing. Would love to see variations such as a more horizontal look and how it will look on SoMe (In a circle for example). Really good job, Chollene!
2 months ago by Alex Strøm
This is perfect, it looks very professional and well thought out.
2 months ago by Alisha
nothing to say
3 months ago by Edgar Noriega