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Dallas Fish Market

17 hours ago by Rahul
Wordmark Logo

Radio Square

19 hours ago by Sky
I wanted to try the new Gradient Tool in Ai, and boy it was great xD

Radio Square

21 hours ago by Sky

Salley's Café

1 week ago by Zahraa Amosawi

redesing logo

2 weeks ago by Bruno Valerio
redesing logo pizzeria Piccio`s pizza

Sound spot

3 weeks ago by Ahmad Stohy
soundspot logo combined of location mark and sound wave

Lite Logo

3 weeks ago by Rizky Febrian

Logo Square Flyer

3 weeks ago by Adam Washington
Minimal design. Vague request for flyer.

San Diego cafeteria

1 month ago by Ali Moeini
a minimal design for a cafeteria
I really feel you can make this much better. The first thing which I felt important was the word cafeteria ... so more stress should be on that and less on San Diego.
1 month ago by Richard Pariath


Authentic Chicago Diner Logo

1 month ago by McKenzie Armitage
Inspired by the US Air Force Logo...repurposed...


2 months ago by Bernise S.
This logo is in response to the logo design brief for this mattress company. I took inspiration from the sample logos present and chose to incorporate a stylized moon, which can also serve as a stand-alone logo for the app that is currently being developed.

The color scheme is mde up of hues of blue which emit a calm, "time for bed" feel.

I look forward to your feedback!

UX Portfolio Prototype

2 months ago by Corey Putney
My current progress on my portfolio design. Would love any feedback on the case study and how to structure them in general!

Design Hut

2 months ago by Jeremy
This is my design for a #fakeclient

I am Rea, creator of DesignHut. I'm looking for someone that can make a good logo for my business. I think a combination mark will fit best with the business. Can you help me out?
Cool! Did you use a typeface for the letters or designed it yourself?
2 months ago by clark11



3 months ago by Clarkuna
A combination marks logo for BeachTrace.

Original California Chocolaterie

3 months ago by Ach. Arya Fadhilah
This is logo for chocolate cafetaria in California. I combine "California" map and typemark. give me feedback, Thank you.