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Jennifer's Heaven



My name is Malcolm, I am the co-owner of our floristry company Jennifer's Heaven (named after my wife), and we are currently looking for new ways to expand our business. We first want to find new potential investors and get a little bit more status within the floral business. In order to do so, we need to elevate the image of our company and with that, re-design our business card. Our current card is quite old and designed by me, and I am by no means a designer. Therefore we are currently seeking out help with the design and getting it professionally done by someone who is more specialized than me this time. We would like it to be clear that we are a floristry, whilst still maintaining a very professional look. We do not want it to be overly colorful and childish since we are quite a bit more high-end compared to other florists. We want the card to of course say Jennifer's Heaven, but also that we are a floristry, our phone number 201-629-5550, and our email [email protected]. Most of the design choices are completely up to you, however, it would be nice though to give the card a bit of a heavenly look since it is a nice play on the business' name. For that same reason, we would also like rounded edges, to make it look more like a cloud.

Thank you in advance.



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