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My name is Sadie Waters and I am the manager of FitFits, a large clothing store for men and women. We are currently doing the biggest sale we have ever done since we are getting ready to close our current stores and move to a completely different location under a different company and name. Therefore we want to sell as much of our current clothes as possible since we will not be bringing them along to the new location. To do so, we are having an extreme sale. To help the sales along, even more, we are handing out flyers that promote our store and its large sale. We ask of you to design this flyer for us and make it as catchy and attractive as possible. Our targeted audiences are both men and women between the ages of 16 and 30, so the flyer should look accordingly. We want our name to be on the flyer along with the words 'Extreme clearance sale' and 'save up to 75% on clothing'. We also want it to be clear that we are a clothing store within the design of the flyer, for instance by making the background some sort of clothing-related image or icon. We want the colors and fonts to be bold but not nauseatingly exaggerated as we still want to come off as a trendy and classy store. I hope you have a clear image of our needs and am looking forward to your design.


Sadie Waters

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