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Arctic Travels


Hello there,

I am Casper, I am writing to you in regard to our company Arctic Travels, a traveling agency that focusses on skiing and snowboarding holidays. On our website, clients can easily plan their trip exactly to how they desire, keep track of their planned trip and ask questions to our specialized travel agents when necessary. We are all about luxurious quality as well as getting the best possible price for your trip. I am currently looking for a web designer and you seemed perfect for the job. I ask of you to design us a new landing page for the Arctic Travels website. I would like you to take your inspiration from Expedia's website, as I think that would be a nice design for Arctic's landing page. I would like you to use inspiring photos on the page that fit our travel agency's image (e.g. skiers, mountains, lifts). I also want it to say 'Plan the perfect winter trip' as a headline, with under it 'Easily plan your ideal ski trip from home with the help of professionals' and underneath that a CTA that says 'book here' in a bolder color so that it stands out from the rest. I also want there to be a few options on the landing page: 'Regions', 'Lodging', 'Resorts' and 'Passes'. with underneath those options the same CTA as before, to really make it attractive for our clients to start booking their trip. I would like you to mainly use cool-toned colors, as it fits the vibe of the cold traveling locations. That is all the information I have for now.


Casper Halcro

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