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I created in January of 2018 as a simple side project. During this time, I was working on growing my portfolio and gaining more experience in design. It was hard to get initial clients when I was starting so I would often come up with ideas for fake businesses to design logos that I could use in my portfolio and gain some experience with.

I decided to create a simple generator that would come up with random combinations and create a simple, fake, logo design client brief for you to practice on. I launched the website on product hunt, Reddit and various other platforms and it was received very well. Many people seemed to have the same problem I had. I continued to work on and added various other professions besides logo design. Users of FakeClients can now also share their work with the community on to receive feedback on their work from others. has now grown significantly and currently has thousands of monthly users that are eager to learn more about design and how to improve their work. Many users have made great improvements in their work just by using FakeClients and the feedback that was given to them.