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Practice illustration using randomly generated dynamic poses

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Michelle Gobeil

Hi! I came by some of your work online and love it! The reason I'm contacting you is that I need a logo for...
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DTP Shipping Solutions

Dear, My name is Lorrie and I am the marketing director of DTP Shipping Solutions, a shipping company based...
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Hi! We are an up-and-coming startup based in Seattle that develops smart mattresses, called "Som-Num" (from...
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About FakeClients Dynamic Poses

What is a Dynamic Pose?

The definition of dynamic is ‘something that is characterized by change’ or ‘something that is in progress’. This means that dynamic poses are essentially just poses of people that are in motion or moving around. While most pictures could technically be classified as dynamic poses, among illustrators, dynamic poses will most often depict a subject in action. This usually means the subject is playing a sport or working. While many illustrators look for dynamic poses to study human anatomy such as the way muscles move in different poses, many dynamic poses intended for illustrators depict nude subjects. For illustrators, drawing these poses are the perfect practice exercises for getting better at drawing people because it's one of the best ways of practicing to draw complex poses.

Why Use a Dynamic Pose Generator?

The FakeClients dynamic poses generator is an easy-to-use, free tool for beginning illustrators to practice their skills in drawing, illustrating, and painting dynamic poses. Using the dynamic poses generator you will get a randomly generated dynamic pose image, all of which are of a high quality and resolution. Use these images to practice, fill up your portfolio, or prepare for a job interview.

To generate your first dynamic pose reference image, simply click the "Generate Pose" button. A randomly generated dynamic pose reference image will be generated for you. Because of the large number of images, you probably won't run out of them soon. Click the button as much as you want until you get a dynamic pose you would like to use as a reference. Try your best to finish the drawing or illustration, even if the pose seems too complex to get as much practice and realize the best results.

Using the Dynamic Pose Generator as a Drawing Challenge

Once you are finished with your illustration, you can add it to your portfolio, share it, or try to get some feedback on the feedback platform of FakeClients. Go to and post your illustration and the other FakeClients users will gladly offer you helpful feedback for you to improve your illustration. To improve your chances of getting feedback, be sure to give some feedback to other users and ask them what they think about your work. Don’t be afraid to post your work on, it doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a professional, the community on our feedback platform will be kind and provide you with the feedback you need. If you want to get some more exposure for your work and social media account, you can check the “allow sharing” checkbox on the feedback form. Your illustration will automatically be shared on the FakeClients Instagram account and your username will be tagged if you decide to fill that in as well. You can also share your illustrations on Instagram or other social media platforms using the hashtag ‘#fakeclients’.

Using FakeClients as a Drawing Challenge

Many people decide to use FakeClients’ dynamic pose generator as a drawing challenge. This is an excellent way to get yourself to practice illustration. Simply create a list of a number of dynamic pose images and decide on what timeframe you’d like to complete the challenge. These drawing challenges typically last for 10-30 days but some people even decide to do it for 100 days or more. When you use FakeClients, deciding the duration of the challenge is completely up to you. You can even decide to use it twice a day or a few times per week.

How to Use the Dynamic Pose Generator

If you are a beginner when it comes to drawing dynamic poses and you used the dynamic pose generator to generate a dynamic pose, your intuition might be to just trace the image. Most experienced artists would strongly advise against that however. Tracing an image isn't a good way of learning to draw as you'll skip all the fundamentals of the drawing process. The best way to draw a dynamic pose using a reference image is to work in three basic steps. Firstly, draw a rough skeleton of the person to make sure all the proportions are correct before you continue. After that, sketch the shapes that make up the person and finish off by drawing all the details. Below is an example of a dynamic pose drawing using a reference image generated by the FakeClients dynamic pose generator.