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DTP Shipping Solutions


My name is Lorrie and I am the marketing director of DTP Shipping Solutions, a shipping company based in Dallas, Texas. We currently provide shipping services to businesses based in Texas but we are looking to expand to more states and think a new logo would fit great with the expansion.

Because we provide a B2B service, our logo needs to look very formal and professional. Other shipping businesses' logos are great examples of this but we don't want it to look like those. Make it unique and recognizable. The logo will need to be printed on our entire fleet of trucks and vans but also on office supplies like pens and paper and thus needs to work well on all of those formats.

We want you to create three versions of the logo so we can test them all out and see which one works best and which one people like most.

Lorrie Martinez

2429 Formula Lane

Dallas, TX 75207

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