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DTP Shipping Solutions Logo

Enzo • 4 years ago

For this brief, I played around with the initials 'dtp' in lowercase and came up with a monogram logo. I made sure that it would be recognizable, visible, and adaptable in printed formats.

Let me know what you think!

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Wow, this looks great! very clever
2 months ago by Ashley - Reply
Very cool
2 months ago by Nathan Kromer - Reply
Nice one!
5 months ago by Bikram Basnet - Reply
Great use of negativw space.
6 months ago by Goldylogo - Reply
Great work
6 months ago by Goldylogo - Reply
Very clean and professional.
7 months ago by Stephanie Fabra - Reply
very nice and professional
1 year ago by Hanan - Reply
Great work!
1 year ago by Kawishka - Reply
Amazing work and very professional. Congratulations.
1 year ago by Richard - Reply
Beautiful and creative.
2 years ago by Ijeoma Theodora Osagie - Reply
I really like this logo! Good job!
2 years ago by Sara Alami - Reply
don't get me wrong when I saw the logo first I thought it is related to medical stuff then I read the brief and came to know it's a shipping service provider.
2 years ago by Shaqeeb - Reply
Negative space logos are really hard to get right - but they can look amazing when you do. Bravo!
2 years ago by Anonymous - Reply
Crushed it!!!
2 years ago by Jeffrey Joslin - Reply
It is great. very recognisable. I like the use of the T to create negative spaces on the D and the P. The colour contrast too is great.
2 years ago by Alex - Reply
Damn! That's perfectly awsome👍👍👍👍
3 years ago by Ultima - Reply
3 years ago by mahdi - Reply
I liked
4 years ago by Luis Delgado Trinidad - Reply
i love the work , i have seen so many logos on this brief but this one is really eyecatching to me good work. *would you like to like to give me feedback ? check my recent works.
4 years ago by kunal das - Reply

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