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Jennifers Heaven Businesscard

3 years ago by Signe

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I love the design :)
6 days ago by Bella Ghazaryan - Reply
the shape is so unique and different! I love it!
1 week ago by Chantel - Reply
I love this. It's soft and elegant.
4 months ago by Dominique Florence - Reply
this is so cute, sweet and good ,, keep it up!
5 months ago by lovita - Reply
this is so pretty.... Love it!
5 months ago by alexa91 - Reply
5 months ago by Creative Victor Graphics - Reply
5 months ago by Creative Victor Graphics - Reply
i love the shape here!
6 months ago by Jordyn H - Reply
love that cloudy shape
8 months ago by sara - Reply
The color choice and design is so elegant; however, the font is too hard to read. Nice work!
8 months ago by Chayanuch Thitichayaporn - Reply
I love the shape of this card, so simple yet so unique
9 months ago by Elizabeth - Reply
This is so pretty!
10 months ago by Pragya - Reply
Love it
11 months ago by Amalia Isani - Reply
Very creative.... I love dis idea
1 year ago by Eneberi Samson - Reply
Looks really good !
1 year ago by Renāte Celma - Reply
how to submit my work. can anyone help me
1 year ago by ERNA ALING - Reply
I love the shape of the business cards as it perfectly brings in the cloud element the brief was looking for. The only thing I'd note is to reduce the spacing on the script font you used for the "Jennifer's Heaven" part.
1 year ago by sk - Reply
simplicity / beautiful ❤️
1 year ago by Ogechukwu - Reply
1 year ago by Jasmin Chouhan - Reply
Wow this so good! Perfectly fits the brief 😍
2 years ago by Priyanka Salelkar - Reply
okay this is really good
2 years ago by Jan Zabala - Reply
3 years ago by Daniel Maeley - Reply
I’m new to graphic design, please what app or software did you use to make this beautiful design?
3 years ago by Darebe - Reply
Hey Darebe! try learning Illustrator and photoshop as a beginner, but let me tell you knowing software is not the most important; study design as a discipline, learn design elements like composition, forms, color, positioning. This way no matter what software you use, you will have the ability to create beautiful functional designs.
2 years ago by IG - Amrolas - Reply
how can i update my card.
3 years ago by nitin kumar - Reply
This is very good! :)
3 years ago by Laura Bior - Reply