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Hi there,

My name is Frederick, I am a Danish writer and illustrator for fashion magazines. I spend all of my student years studying abroad in loads of different countries, whilst living with a number of roommates in each location. I had to go through this long process of finding the perfect roommate each time and even though I had a great experience and time with most of my roommates, I also had some bad ones and searching processes that would take my such a long time that it started to mess with my school schedule. Due to that reason, I wanted to make an app that makes finding a perfect roommate or multiple roommates easier, both for the one looking for a room, and the one looking for a roommate and wanted you to design this experience. I mainly want the experience to be as safe and trustworthy as possible. I want this app and this experience to tackle the problems that are currently present when looking for a roommate. Most of those are safety issues, such as the possibility of being catfished or meeting with someone who is dangerous. However, I also want the experience to tackle things such as finding a roommate with the same interests and or priorities as the other. That way, the process of finding a good roommate will become easier and more personal but also more trustable and safe. It is mainly meant for younger people since older people often are not in need of a roommate anymore, so it should be targeted and appropriate for that audience, it is also meant just for mobile use, so it has to work in app format (both iOS and Android).

I look forward to what you come up with.

Best regards,

Frederick Torsten

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