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Som-Num Logo

4 years ago by Enzo

For this brief, I made sure to maintain the simplistic style that the client wanted and I also took inspiration from the sample pegs the brief provided.

The logomark is a closed eye that implies �sleeping� which is the meaning of the brand name, somnus. The colors were inspired by the night shift mode of the iPhone. It�s a mode that changes your screen to a warmer tone to help induce sleeping so I felt it was an appropriate color choice for the brand.

Overall, I think this design was able to solve the pain points of the client. Let me know what you think.

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the colors make me think of day. Second its driving crazy that the letters aren't in line
11 months ago by Garett Noll - Reply
I love the idea behind the color scheme!
1 year ago by May_J - Reply
If those are 3 different concepts, then the first is a suitable concept
4 years ago by Ghalib Putra - Reply
Nice use of colors! I love the sleek and simple design
4 years ago by Helena H - Reply

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