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Hotel buisnesscard

4 years ago by Kevin
Simple, Modern and minimalistic!
I'm Pat, I just founded a new business called I'm looking for someone that can design something for my hotel. I want to have a businesscard for myself. We primarily use the color blue (#51d0ff). Can you do that?

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@kevin I'm so glad you're starting at a young age! I'm 10 years older than you but when I was 12 that's when I picked up graphic design. Haven't stopped since and now I'm in college for it as well. Keep up the good work!
4 years ago by Madeline - Reply
4 years ago by Kaniskar - Reply
No joke!
4 years ago by Kevin - Reply
@Elena Thx Im happy to hear that! Can i tell you a secret? Im 12 Years old
4 years ago by Kevin - Reply
I love the design, the font is really neat. I think it works great as an electronic business card!
4 years ago by Elena - Reply

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