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What is a combination mark logo

Feb 19, 2024 - By August van de Ven

A combination of a wordmark and a pictorial mark

In logo design, a combination mark is one of the most used types of logo designs. As the name suggests, it simply is a combination of two, or, in some cases more, types of logo design types. The most common combinations are ones that combine a letter- or wordmark with either an abstract mark or pictorial mark. It is widely used, partially because of the versatility that is needed these days where logos have to be able to take on many forms and sizes. Microsoft's combination mark, for example, can be used in full on a letterhead or, partially (the abstract mark that is made up of four colored squares), as a small app-icon.

Some famous examples of combination marks include the logos of:

Combination mark logo examples

Mi Casa Logo

1 year ago by William Brewster

Qal logo

2 years ago by Priyanka Salelkar


2 years ago by Joshua

3 years ago by Diana

Song Space

4 years ago by Max

Lisandra´s Gym

4 years ago by Chris

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