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DTP Shipping Solutions

Omar Alrawi • 2 years ago
The logo is designed in a bold form giving the sense of a solid, reliable company. also, the logo is sheared forward to represent the speed of delivery.
This is my second Logo Design attempt, so what do you think?

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Love the logo and colors and packaging!
1 year ago by Hanan - Reply
If this truly is just your second attempt at logo design, stick with it because YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT! This is a great logo and you’re certainly on the right track. As a suggestion, consider a common baseline for both your logo and your logotype. That’s not to say that every logo and corresponding logotype should have a common baseline… just in this case (I think) it would streamline the design. Your “D”, “T”, and “P” ought to be on the same baseline (your “D” is a touch above your “TP”). As well, (in this case) your logotype ought to be on that same baseline. Maybe even consider putting “Shipping Solutions” on the same line in a larger font size with a light weight to contrast with the logo itself. Lastly, I love how you’ve dotted your i’s with orange, nice touch! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
2 years ago by A.T. Norman - Reply

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