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Good afternoon,

I am writing to you in regard to a web design I need. I am Chelsea Ridge, the manager of a small but high-end Mediterranean restaurant. I am currently in dire need of a web designer to design me a new login page for our employee web portal, and you seemed perfect for the job. Since our old one seems to keep crashing, the restaurant is in need of a new one. However, this is very time sensitive so it is needed as fast as possible seeing as we cannot go without this system for much longer. On the page it has to say 'Ladarna Employee Login', Ladarna being the name of the restaurant, and ask the users for an Employee Number or their email and their password. I would like the login-page to match with the color scheme of the restaurant, which is black, white, and hints of deep purple. Besides that, I just need it to be as simple and effective as possible since it is not made for aesthetic purposes anyway. There also needs to be some place to click for if one has forgotten its password. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Chelsea Ridge

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