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Favorite Film Article


Hi there!

My name is Chloe Reed, I am an employee at F.I.L.M., a magazine made for film fanatics all over the world. Within F.I.L.M. we discuss all sorts of films from any genre and of any director or cast and our professional opinions on it. Besides articles written by our own departments, we also have a section within our magazine that is open to any writer. Said writer would then write an article about a personal favorite movie of theirs. Normally we establish this section much further in advance but due to some irregularities within schedules, we are currently one article short for our next magazine. Therefore, we are currently in dire need of a new writer to write this article for us and thought you would be perfect for the job. All you need to do is write an article about a personal favorite movie of yours, why you love it so much, and how it influenced your life et cetera. Our readers always love to read personal stories surrounding these movies and what movies can mean to a person. The length of the article should be around 1500 words. Since we are in a bit of a hurry with this issue, we would need this article as soon as possible, with a maximum of three days tops. We truly hope you are the person for the job and we can't wait to read your story.

Thank you in advance,

Chloe Reed from F.I.L.M.

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