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Good Afternoon,

I am George Baskin, regional manager of TimTim, a large general merchandise big-box store. We sell pretty much anything, from electronics to bath bombs and more. Due to recent construction within some of our stores, we have had to close down some of our branches and have had to fire people. Now that we are about to re-open again, we are trying our best to find new and good, trustworthy employees again. The best and most secure way we wanted to go about that was through the employees we do still have working for us. We, therefore, would like you to design us an interface of a 'refer a friend' form. Within the form, we want our employees to let us know their own first and last name and if they know someone who they think we could hire. We would also like them to say why we should hire this said person and what her or his first and last name, email address, and phone number are. It should also be said that they should only give us that information with the permission of the friend they are referring to. There also has to be a box where they can leave any extra information about their friend is they desire to. We want the form to be in the colors of our store, which are grey (#E5E2E1) and orange (#E39776), but the rest of the design is completely up to you. That is all.

Best regards,

George Baskin

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