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Books - Nostrum for Modern Life

1 year ago by agrita
It is said that there is no friend as loyal as a book. Books have this indispensable power which can provide answers to our countless questions.
Books have a long history with humans. They were considered precious & significant when first they were made as they consists of many valuable
knowledge which were preserved and passed to the next generations. They were a direction giver to them. Even now the statements written around 1000 years back are still relevant to the modern
complications .Will Smith once said in his award winning speech that read books because there is no new problem you face. Every issue was once faced by someone
in this world so learn & take knowledge from the wisdom given by people. In todays time when the entire world can be stalked in just few minutes we forget to
read & grow our knowledge. People find more comfort in scrolling Instagram reels & Youtube shorts rather than turning pages. The highly addictive dopamine received
from such activities are somehow making human minds numb. A Netflix documentary " The Social Dilemma " talks about the tactics used by IT establishments
to psychologically control the consumption-behavior pattern of users. In such web-oriented world the books are an escape, A way which leads us to the actual reality
away from the artificial world. Books are fount of knowledge about how to let go, what things could happen , in some or the other way it prepares us of most of the
possibilities of life , the stories or personal accounts can really gave us a new dimension in approaching things. It brings us the guidance that we might were
seeking. Books answers when nobody in the world could listen to us. Hence it can be said that A single book is worth a million friends.


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nice colors
1 year ago by Moane - Reply

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