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What is a lettermark logo & how to design a lettermark logo

Feb 19, 2024 - By August van de Ven

In logo design, a lettermark is a logo that is mostly made up of one or more letters that may be modified or made using existing typefaces. In this form of logo design, the letters itself become the symbol for the brand that uses it. One of the most famous examples that will make this clear is the CNN logo. This logo doesn't use any other marks or symbols and is purely made up of the letters itself while being a unique and recognizable symbol for CNN-brand. This type of logo design is generally used for large companies with names that are abbreviations or can be abbreviated only for the logo itself.

Some famous examples of lettermarks include the logos of:

How to design a lettermark logo

Conceptualization and brainstorming

Start by brainstorming concepts for your lettermark logo. Delve into the values, personality, and essence of your brand, jotting down all ideas that come to mind. Reflect on the message you aim to convey and the emotions you wish to evoke.

Typography selection

Select or or create lettering yourself that embodies your brand. You can do that by experimenting with diverse typefaces or hand-sketching the letterforms yourself to capture the essence of your brand's identity.

Letter arrangement and design

Pay meticulous attention to the spacing and arrangement of letters. Fine-tune the kerning to enhance legibility and visual harmony. Consider modifying letters to inject uniqueness and intrigue into your logo design. Strive for simplicity and clarity, avoiding unnecessary embellishments that could hinder readability.

Color palette

Choose colors that resonate with your brand's identity and values. Delve into the psychology of color to evoke desired emotions or associations. Ensure versatility across various applications by selecting a color palette that complements your brand's personality.

Feedback and Iteration

Seek feedback from peers, colleagues, or your target audience. Incorporate constructive criticism to refine your lettermark logo design. Iterate on your design, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand's identity and resonates with your audience.

Versatility and scalability

Ensure your lettermark logo is adaptable and scalable across different sizes and platforms. Test its visibility and legibility across various mediums, from digital screens to print materials.


Once satisfied with your lettermark logo design, finalize it by saving high-resolution versions in multiple file formats (e.g., PNG, SVG, EPS). Maintain a master file for future editing or resizing needs.

Lettermark logo examples

TBG bar Lettermark logo

2 years ago by Abdullah Yasir
comment1 Lettermark

3 years ago by Alexa Cazzolli

BFG Delivery Service

4 years ago by Deyan Peychev


11 months ago by Teira

Dan’s Tours Lettermark

1 year ago by Marge

Lettermark logo for London Pancake House

1 year ago by Elysannie

Focal Agency Logo

2 years ago by Hunain

Summer Point

2 years ago by Simran Vani

Muaf Lettermark Logo

2 years ago by rizwankhan

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