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My name is Lauren, I am a student at the New York Film Academy and am currently working on my third documentary. Because I grew up with an artistic family myself, I thought it would be a fun project to reach out to new artists and have them help me with this new documentary on working or aspiring to work in the art sector. I am currently looking for artists who are willing to help me and I was hoping you could be one of them. Within the documentary, I want to show a number of painted self-portraits of these artists. This will not only give the documentary some original art to be shown in it, but it will also make it more personal. I, of course, want you to use your own style within the painting, but do ask you to use as many colors as possible. This gives the video that pop I am looking for and will be a great contrast to the other portions of the film, which are rather dark in color. The size of the artwork does not matter, as long as it fits, for instance, through a door. I am aiming for around 30 different artists, each with their own self-portrait, to be shown in the documentary and am hoping that your painted portrait will be one of those as well as it would be a valuable addition to the mix.

I hope to hear from you!

Thanks, Lauren

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