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What Should I Draw Generator, Generate Unlimited Drawing Ideas Easily

April 27, 2020 (updated) - By August van de Ven
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When you just start out drawing or have been drawing for a long time, it can often be hard to come up with new ideas for things to draw. You may be used to just look for new things to draw by looking around you and asking other people but that isn’t really useful most of the time. You often end up just giving up and stopping because of it and don’t feel the need to restart.

A great solution to this problem is to use a “What Should I Draw Generator” these are generally apps or websites that help you get new ideas for things to draw. FakeClients is one of these websites and is one of the most well-known generators for not only people who like to draw and illustrate but also various designers.

It not only gives you a new idea for something to draw but also is a great practice exercise for people who draw professionally or would like to draw professionally one day. Because you get your drawing prompt in the form of a message from a fake client, you also get to practice working for clients. This is very useful when you are looking for a job or applying to a school for example where you need to show your portfolio. You can use FakeClients to create new work for your portfolio while practicing your drawing skills! You also get used to working according to the requirements and wishes of a client which can be very challenging at times but is certainly a great exercise.

Why use a ‘What Should I Draw Generator’

Drawing is fun but it can become very boring if you don’t make it interesting and challenging for yourself. Especially if you are getting really good at drawing but you hit that point where it doesn’t feel like you are making improvements anymore. You keep sketching that eye or tree for example but you don’t challenge yourself to learn something new anymore. This is a big reason why using a ‘What Should I Draw Generator’ might help you to stay interested in drawing and sketching, all while challenging yourself to learn new skills and techniques. It really helps you get out of that mindset of drawing being boring and it challenges you again like you were challenged when you first began drawing. Whether you want to become a professional illustrator or just do it for fun in your spare time, you will also get used to working according to some set requirements. This may inspire you to become a professional illustrator in the future or, if that was already your plan, improve your ability to work for clients.

Other Alternatives to what to draw generators

What to draw generators are very useful tools for people that like to draw but there are many other solutions if you don’t know what to draw besides these generators. I already talked about some of these ways in the previous section. One I mentioned was to ask someone else what to draw first. This can be very helpful as you will often get stuck in your head if you try to think of something to draw yourself and someone else likely has a whole other perspective on it. If you don’t have anyone to ask it to, another great exercise is to just look out of the window and draw the first thing you see or the first moving thing you see. Try to kind of “force” yourself to draw these things because otherwise, you’ll just end up thinking “not good enough” with every idea you have. If you want to get better at drawing people and you are sick of drawing every celebrity there is, another great exercise to practice your drawing skills is to do the same with people. Look out of the window and draw the first person you see walking by the street or standing outside. This is a much better exercise than drawing celebrities as most people aren’t “perfect” and may have some quirks that are challenging to draw. You can even create some sort of caricature by highlighting these quirks and odd features people have. If you do this often you’ll get better and better at it and it will be easier to come up with new ideas in the future because you’re used to most of them.

Using a ‘What Should I Draw’ generator without access to the internet

If you haven’t got access to an internet connection or you want to come up with some drawing ideas on the road or just don't wanna use your phone for a moment, there are some options that don't require you to have access to the internet. It’s a relatively simple exercise you can do right now. Grab a piece of paper or a whiteboard if you have one and create three columns. In each of these columns, you can write different objects, poses, people, attitudes, or feelings. For example, create one column with 20 different animals and people. Now, create another column right next to it with different objects or accessories these animals or people can hold. In the third row, write down some places like a park, a swimming pool, the moon, etc. Now when you want to come up with a new idea for something to draw, you simply pick 3 random numbers, with dice or just coming up with one in your head and see what interesting ideas come from it. Some funny potential ideas from the previous examples would be “A cat, holding a sword, on the moon” or “A man with a hat, in a pool”. Because these are completely random, it creates some very interesting and strange ideas. These really force you to get creative and may lead you to discover new techniques and ideas.

Other What Should I Draw generators

There are a ton of what to draw apps that will help you generate new drawing ideas on the go. Besides, these sites will also work well in helping you generate new drawing ideas. is an excellent alternative to It pretty much works the same way as FakeClients does but it is more focussed on people who like to draw casually and for fun, rather than professional illustrators trying to build up a portfolio or practice working for clients. It simply generates a new drawing prompt when you press the generate idea button in the center of the screen.

Art prompts

Art prompts is very well known and widely used among artists. It has been around for a long time and works quite well in giving you simple prompts. Unfortunately, the site hasn’t been updated much and the drawing ideas may be a bit too simple for some people using the site.

Random Art Prompt Generator - Magatsu

The Magatsu art prompt generator is a bit more customizable than art prompts. You can configure the number of prompts you want to be generated for example and select if you want them to be simple or more elaborate. It can be a bit hard sometimes though, as the elaborate prompts often don’t make much sense.

What to do next?

When you are finished and happy with your drawings, there are many ways to get some feedback on your work. This is a great way to improve your work and get better as it’s always nice to get another perspective on your drawings and get to know about things you can improve. One of these ways of getting good and constructive feedback on your work is using a feedback platform. One of these platforms is It is a great place to post your work, get feedback, and maybe give some feedback to other users.

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