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Skillshare Discount 2021 - Get 40% off your subscription and try it out for free

March 4, 2021 (updated) - By August van de Ven

Get 40% off a yearly plan: Get 40% off Skillshare

What is Skillshare?

It has become increasingly more easy to learn about new subjects. Online courses specifically have made knowledge increasingly more accessible. Was also has been changing in terms of online courses are the people you can learn from. While it started out with people teaching online courses for fun, it has become a career for some people. This means that there have been a lot more opportunities to learn from experts in their field. Skillshare has also played in on this growing trend of online learning by offering over 20,000 online courses. Lately, they have been expanding their course library with a lot more courses, many of which are courses that are specifically taught by experts in their field.

Skillshare Discounts

Skillshare doesn't often offer any large discounts on their subscription plans. While they have offered their 7 days free trial for a while, it may not be enough for everyone. When you really want to follow one or more courses, you'll probably want to have a little more time than the 7-day-trial. Luckily, they just have introduced a new discount for people that want to use skillshare for a longer period. The discount that they're currently offering is an exclusive discount that will give you 40% off the yearly Skillshare Premium plan. Because it is applied to the yearly plan, it can save you quite a bit of money in the long run and especially if you compare it to the monthly plans they offer. This discount also seems to be the highest discount that they've offered in a while. Normally the maximum discount they'll give you on a yearly plan is only 30% off compared to the 40% off that they are offering right now.

How to use the Skillshare Discount

Applying this discount is fairly simple. You simply need to sign up for Skillshare first. You'll get to choose whether you want to sign up using your email or use a signup method like Google. Once you've signed up via the link, you'll be brought to the checkout page for Skillshare Premium. When you're checking out, be sure that under the coupon section, the coupon code "aff40dtp" is applied. That's the coupon that will give you the 40% discount off the yearly plan so also make sure that the yearly plan is selected. The coupon only discounts the yearly plan. Once you've made sure of all that, simply fill in your details and check out. After this, you'll have access to all the Skillshare Premium classes and all the other Skillshare Premium perks. If you only want to use Skillshare for one year, make sure you cancel the subscription in time because otherwise you'll get charged again, once your subscription period ends.

More Skillshare Discounts

The 40% discount that Skillshare is currently offering right now certainly is one of the best they are offering at the moment and one of the best they've offered in a while but there are some other discounts out there. If the 40% discount on the annual plan isn't working, you can alternatively use the code "annual30aff" to get a 30% discount on the annual plan. This code should work year-round if the 40% discount isn't working.

If you aren't sure yet if you want to upgrade to Skillshare Premium, you can also try out the Skillshare trial for some time. Depending on the deals that are currently active, you can try out Skillshare for two weeks to sometimes two months. They normally just offer a seven-day trial but if you sign up via this link you can try it out for 14 days. Depending on the time, you may be able to get a longer trial. When you sign up via this link and use the code "site2free", you may get a two-month-long trial.

How to Get Started Using Skillshare

Getting started using Skillshare is quite easy. Depending on the topics you are interested in, it should be easy to find the right classes to get started learning. One of the best ways to learn on Skillshare is to follow the Skillshare Original classes. These classes are mostly taught by well-known experts and are of great quality and production value. These classes make it a lot easier to learn about the topics you're interested in.

Get 40% off a yearly plan: Get 40% off Skillshare