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How to Generate Simple Logo Design Ideas

22 December 2019

Generate logo design ideas:

The first step to mastering any craft is practice. Especially when it comes to subjects within the creative sector, such as logo design, training is the key factor in becoming a skilled artist. These practice logo designs can also come in very handy further along the way, for instance when composing a portfolio. Such a portfolio is often quite useful and valuable to potential future clients when filled with a set of various differentiating creative logo designs. However, it can often be very hard and stressful to repeatedly come up with new and interesting logo designs by yourself. Therefore, a logo design idea generator could come in extremely useful.

These generators basically present you with various tasks that you can choose from. They come with a brief which often includes a company name, their purpose and the general look they are hoping to have within their company or business, and which they want you to reflect in the wanted logo design.

Receiving simple generated logo design ideas

A logo design idea generator can be very convenient when you are feeling rather uninspired. It gives you an original and brand new logo design idea to work on. It not only gives you an opportunity to practice original logo design ideas but it also helps you prepare for similar requests from real clients in the future. A logo design idea generator can provide you with a design task, including more detailed requirements such as colors, techniques and a general vibe that fits within the client’s business. These created logos can then be put in a portfolio and shown to interested clients, or be used solemnly as a way to practice one’s logo designing skills. is a perfect example of such generators. It is a simple, free and fast solution for if you are ever feeling uninspired, or if you are simply in need of fresh and new logo design ideas.

Generated logo design ideas from FakeClients

FakeClients is very easy to use. Whenever you need a boost of inspiration, you simply just head to and click on the ‘start’ button located on the home page. By doing so, it will provide you with a newly generated logo design brief, in which you are given an assignment. Even though the brief gives you a few guidelines, you are still left with just enough creative freedom to really show off all of your skills within the design of your logo. The briefs are made so that even beginners are easily able to use them. However, if you feel like these briefs are not ambitious enough for your skillset, there is also a various amount of longer pre-written briefs. These pre-written logo design briefs give you more details and a more specific task. There is also an option to upgrade to pro, must you run out of the longer pre-written briefs. Upgrading to pro will provide you with over 20 more written briefs. After designing your logo according to the brief of your choosing, you are able to submit your design to the feedback section in order to receive additional feedback from other designers and such.

Other simple logo design inspiration platforms

Even though is a great solution to this lack of new ideas, it is not the only solution. There are several other online platforms that can help you to new inspiration. Think for example of Dribbble, Behance or Instagram. All quite large platforms with loads of original and fresh content provided by creators from all over the world, which makes it often relatively easy to find a project or logo design similar to yours or whatever else you might be looking for. But there are also plenty of ways to get inspired without the use of electronic devices or the internet, seeing as that we are simply surrounded by logos everywhere that we go. Look for example at the logo of your favorite coffee shop, or a local mall. All of these logos also had to start somewhere with a client and some requirements. Think about how these logo designs came to be and how you could make your own version or even an improved one. Also, keep in mind that it's not all about the logo design itself, but also about the meaning behind the logo and the way a business can use this within their image.