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Random Painting Prompt Generator

Sep 02, 2020 - By August van de Ven

Practicing as a Painter

As a painter, you probably know very well how important it is to practice a lot. When you are trying to get better at painting, practicing a lot is one of the best ways to become a better painter. One of the main ways to practice painting is to give yourself exercises or tasks for things to paint. This is how most beginning painters start practicing. The tough thing about this is that after a while, it will often become harder and harder to come up with new subjects that you can paint. You simply run out of ideas. Luckily there are many ways in which you can solve this problem.

Generate Random Painting Prompts Using

One of these ways of solving this problem is to use a painting prompt generator. With a random painting prompt generator, you can easily generate new prompts to get some new ideas for things to paint. FakeClients is one of these prompt generators. FakeClients is one of the most popular prompt generators for creatives. It can generate prompts for designers, illustrators, painters, and many more.

The way a prompt generator like FakeClients works is that it randomly puts together some variables in order to generate a unique prompt. Because it is all randomly generated, all prompts are unique and are a great way to practice as it may produce some prompts you couldn’t have imagined yourself.

To start practicing using prompts, you simply go to and press the start button to generate your first prompt. If you are looking to challenge yourself a bit, you can choose to try and stick to every prompt that gets generated. Alternatively, you can just generate as many prompts as you want and see which one you like best. Another way to challenge yourself is to limit the time you have per painting. For example, limiting yourself to only spend five minutes per prompt.