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How to Easily Create Logo Drawing Ideas

23 December 2019 - By August van de Ven

Generate logo drawing ideas:

How to get rid of artist block

Not only designing and drawing but logos themselves have been around forever and can be seen everywhere. Art can be a positive and creative way to express yourself and put your feelings on paper or incorporate them into a certain design. However, it can be quite difficult to come up with new and original ideas all the time. This is often called an artist block. It blocks your creative outlet and stops you from being able to produce new artistic content. This could also cause issues if you are trying to work on a project or on a portfolio to show potential new clients. But luckily, this problem could be fixed by getting inspired again by taking a look at some easy and quick logo drawing ideas, for instance by using a logo drawing idea generator.

Getting reinspired by using a logo drawing ideas generator

One way to fix this artist block is, an easy and quick method to find new inspiration and freshly generated logo drawing ideas, and on top of that, it is completely free to use. By using you can receive generated briefs containing a logo drawing assignment, which is both perfect for artists who are merely just beginning and also a fun switch up for more experienced drawers. A generator such as basically produces a random brief in the same way as a potential future client would, with within it a few simple requirements and guidelines to help you along with your project. It not only gives you the type of logo they are looking for, which can range from tasks that can require more skill or time such as flyers, to a bit more simple ones, such as a lettermark. And not to worry when confused about the asked type of logo, because each brief comes with an attached link that gives you an explanation of what the client is really looking for. These short briefs always come with a name and preferred type and sometimes with even more details. However, if you want to step your game up, even more, you can also take a look at the longer pre-written version, these logo drawing ideas give more detailed tasks with clearer yet more challenging drawing tasks. And, may you even run out of these, you can now easily upgrade to pro, which gives you access to over 20 more written and detailed briefs.

How to use FakeClients

The platform is very easy to use and not hard to figure out, to go to the ‘logo design’ briefs, head on to the home page where you can start generating the easy logo drawing ideas by hitting the ‘start’ button. The small and easily understandable briefs will appear for you on the screen, coming off as very similar to actual real clients. Furthermore, if you are looking to broaden your creative horizons, you could easily take a quick look at the other menu options that has to offer, such as illustration, graphic design and more. To go there, simply switch from ‘logo design’ to for instance ‘illustration’ in the menu which can be found on the home page to receive even more easy drawing ideas and inspiration. Also, if you finish your design, you can post your work in the feedback section, where others can see your work and give you potential tips for drawing designs in the future.

Some examples of popular logos you can draw

If you are looking for some popular logos you can draw, just for fun or to practice logo design, there are quite a few good logos to practice on. The most popular logos to draw are probably some of the most recognized logos in the world. These include that of Nike and Apple for example. These more simple logos are quite easy to draw and a good starting point for beginners. Some more difficult logos to draw are the logo of Coca Cola and other, more complicated logos. These logos are often used by more older brands but are a great way to challenge yourself when you are a bit more experienced with drawing or logo design.

Supplementary ways to get logo drawing ideas

However, easy drawing ideas can also be found on other platforms and places. Simply going outside and having a look around will introduce you to loads of logo drawing ideas. You can easily get inspired by looking at other drawn logos up on buildings or shops. For instance, try to make your own version of a logo for said shops. This will not only give you an opportunity to practice your logo drawing skills, but it will also help you think outside of the box. Another way to get inspired is by using online platforms outside of, say Instagram or Dribbble. These are both also large online platforms free to use which are very likely to have a design idea similar to whichever you are looking for.

All in all drawing and logo design are not always as easy as they come out to be, but, considering our world pretty much exists out of previously designed logos, made by those who might have gone through the same troubles as you are experiencing sometimes, it really does turn out that nothing is impossible. Platforms such as and Dribbble make it easily possible for you to unblock your creative outlet and get reinspired.