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How to Get New Drawing Ideas

07-08-2022 (updated) - By August van de Ven
Generate drawing ideas: Drawing idea generator

Whether you just started out with drawing or have been drawing for some time, you're likely familiar with the feeling of running out of ideas for things to draw fairly quickly. When you are focused on drawing while trying to think of new ideas, it can seem to make it impossible to think of new, unique ideas for you to draw.

Generate Drawing Ideas

While a creative rut may seem impossible to escape, there are some other tools that can help you out so that you can skip the strenuous task of thinking of something new to draw. There are a fair amount of great websites and apps that’ll help you get some new drawing ideas using a so-called 'drawing idea generator'. These drawing idea generators range from letting you generate very simple ideas to extensive drawing tasks. They all, however, are the perfect tool to escape your creative block and discover new and interesting things to draw.

Using FakeClients to Generate Drawing Ideas

FakeClients is one of these tools that let you generate unique drawing ideas. FakeClients is a website for both illustrators and designers that is made specifically to help you when you're out of creative ideas. It does this by letting you generate briefs, a small set of requirements for a creative job, which tells you what to draw or design. To start generating drawing ideas on FakeClients you simply go to and click the red 'Generate Brief'-button. This will generate a randomly selected illustration brief for you to use as a drawing idea. FakeClients is free to use and you can click the button as often as you want, giving you a randomly generated idea each time you press it.

Getting Feedback on your Drawings

FakeClients is not only a great tool for illustrators and designers to generate new ideas, it also is a platform for illustrators and designers to collaborate and support each other. Using you can post your drawing, illustration, and designs and request feedback from other users that used FakeClients to get creative ideas.

Once you've found a drawing idea you like, you just start drawing like you normally would. Grab your favorite pencil and sketchbook or whatever medium you like to use and start with your new idea. Once you finish this idea, you often find yourself quickly thinking of other things to draw yourself, things you probably wouldn't have thought of before. This is because you aren’t drawing something you're used to which greatly expands your mind creatively.

Other Ways of Getting Drawing Ideas

Besides using FakeClients to generate new drawing ideas, there obviously are many other ways of thinking of new ideas for things to draw. Especially for moments when you don't have access to the internet, you'll have to find a way to think of drawing ideas yourself.

Look outside

One of the easiest ways to think of drawing ideas, also being a good exercise, is to just look through your window, in a random direction. Whatever the first thing is that meets your eye, will be the subject for your next drawing. Let's say, for example, you look through your window and see a garbage truck driving by, that will be your new drawing idea. It's an easy way to think of a unique drawing subject!

Draw Something for your Friend or Family

Another, more obvious way to think of a new idea for something to draw, is by asking a friend or one of your family members. Don't just ask them to think of something for you to draw, however. Ask them to think of a random object or person. This way, you make sure you don't get a generic idea like a tree or a house, etc.