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How to Get New Drawing Ideas

04-23-2019 - By August van de Ven
Try the Drawing Idea Generator:

When you start out drawing or when you’ve been drawing for some time you’ll often run out of ideas for things to draw fairly quickly. You are focused on drawing and thinking of new ideas which seems to make it impossible to think of new ideas for you to draw. This is where other tools come in handy so that you don’t have to do the work anymore of thinking of something to draw. There are currently a fair amount of great websites and apps that’ll help you get some new drawing ideas. Some are very simple and others are quite extensive. But they all work perfectly to discover new and interesting things to draw.

FakeClients is a great tool for you to get some drawing ideas. FakeClients is a website that is specifically made for illustrators, designers and just people who like to draw. FakeClients was made by illustrators and designers and keeps illustrators and designers in mind all the time. To start generating new drawing ideas on FakeClients you simply go to and click the big yellow start button. This will give you a randomly generated client brief you can use as your new drawing idea. The great thing about FakeClients is that it is free to use and you can click the button as often as you want, giving you a randomly generated idea each time you press it. FakeClients is only a great tool for drawers and illustrators to get their ideas, it’s a full environment for designers and illustrators to collaborate and support each other. Using you can post your designers and drawings and request feedback from other users using FakeClients.

Once you got your new drawing idea, you just start drawing like you normally would. Grab your favorite pencil and sketchbook or whatever medium you like to use and begin from your new idea. Once you draw out this new idea, you often find yourself quickly thinking of other things to draw, things you probably never thought to draw. This is because you aren’t drawing your usual stuff and you are trying out new things which frees your mind and creativity. Start using FakeClients today and share your work on our feedback platform and be sure to post it on Instagram using #FakeClients!