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Gaining New Design Clients Quickly and Easily

4-10-2019 - By August van de Ven

Design exercise generator:

If you’re just starting out designing logos for clients, this post goes into the ways of getting your first clients. It can seem very hard to get those first clients when you don’t have a large portfolio yet or haven’t got any experience working for clients. When you don’t have any work on your portfolio yet, it’s better to start out working a little on some practice project just to build up a sufficient portfolio. Many potential clients will likely ask for a portfolio if they are thinking of hiring you to get to know your style and experience level. It certainly isn’t hard to build up a portfolio nowadays. There are many resources and websites on the internet that provide practice projects for you to practice your design skills on and also allow you to build up some work for your portfolio. There even are some challenges that send you a design brief every day for a number of days on which you can work.

Once you have built up a portfolio, you can start promoting your work and services. Almost everyone will need a logo at some point in their lives. This is why you should ask around a lot, especially at family and friends, if they happen to know someone who needs a logo. It’s very likely someone will say yes.

How to use briefs: "How to use design briefs to practice design"