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Generate free logo design ideas using FakeClients


It can be hard sometimes to come up with a new idea to practice your logo design skills on. Practice is very important to become a good logo designer and it’s often easy to just think of something without using the internet. If you can’t come up with any ideas however, there are some great resources out on the internet to help you with this issue. You can use websites that give you different design exercises like design briefs to act like you are working for various clients.

FakeClients.com is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps you get some design ideas for you to practice on. By pressing the “Start”-button on FakeClients.com, you’ll get a randomly generated, fake, client brief for you to practice on. FakeClients.com doesn’t only create briefs for logo design, however, even if you are a UI/UX designer, an illustrator or a web designer, FakeClients can help you with your design practice. If you ever feel tired of these randomly generated briefs, FakeClients also has various pre-written briefs available which are much more realistic and detailed for you to practice on and get new design ideas.

How to use briefs: "How to use design briefs to practice design"