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Design brief generators

1-14-2019 - By August van de Ven

Design brief generators can be very helpful for designers to build up a portfolio. Especially for beginning designers, brief generators are an easy way to practice designing for your first clients. There are currently various different design brief generators out there, with each of them having their individual pros and cons. At FakeClients we believe it’s important to maintain a great diversity regarding the content of a design brief. That’s why fakeclients lets you generate an infinite amount of randomly generated design briefs.

Fake Clients is a free design brief generator that is able to generate an infinite amount of randomly generated design briefs. The briefs are completely random which means you’ll never get the same brief twice. A downside to this is that the briefs are less detailed than those of briefbox. This does mean, however, that you train yourself to be more creative. The briefs often don’t give you a lot of directions regarding the design specifically, which also happens often enough in real life. You’ll need to come up with the creative ideas entirely by yourself, which makes you practice design more.


/Brief is a brief generator for branding, illustration, packaging and logo design with lots of different combinations. The briefs are less in the form of a ‘brief’ and more in the form of a checklist of various specifications regarding the project.

Briefz is a very simple generator that generates design project ideas. It gives you one line which describes the project to you. It can be very helpful for starting designers as you can be as creative as you want but it is less comparable to real-life briefs. is much like Briefz. It provides you with one line in which a design project is described. It is very simple but offers 1+ million combinations.