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Best Daily UI Challenge for UI/UX Designers, and Graphic Designers

5-21-2019 - By August van de Ven

When you start out working as a UI designer or UX designer, it can often be hard to find inspiration to practice UI design. It’s hard to come up with new ideas on your own for you to practice on. Fortunately, there are many helpful resources that can help you with coming up with new ideas and exercises for UI design. A daily UI challenge is the perfect challenge for UI designers if you are looking for some work or challenges to practice on.

The reason why daily UI challenges are so popular is because of the fact that you can use them however you’d like. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the daily schedule of the challenge. Some people do it the all in one go and try to do as many designs in a day while others do one each week. The downside to doing as many a day, however, is of course that you might not have the drive to design better work when you have been doing it all day and you run the risk of cutting corners. The greatest benefit of doing a daily UI challenge, apart from filling up your portfolio with new work, is of course that your design skills will greatly improve over time. Not only will you get a better eye for UI design but when you work with a design program every day, you’ll get more used to it which makes you able to get the ideas from your head onto a canvas faster. Be sure to look as much up while doing these daily UI challenges, everything from keyboard shortcuts to inspiration because it will ultimately all improve your UI design work process.

FakeClients Daily UI Challenge

If you like a daily UI challenge to be more voluntary, FakeClients is the ideal UI challenge for you. You aren’t set on a schedule of one UI design per day necessarily but you can choose the time and days yourself. You can still choose to do the UI challenge daily of course, but you are also free to do it weekly or even ten in a day. FakeClients uses a unique generator that generates a random new client brief for you that you use as a challenge for your new UI design. The great thing is is that this means that you can generate these fake client briefs whenever you’d like and there’s no limit on the number of briefs you create. People use FakeClients to generate some new ideas for something they want to design anytime but you can also generate 30 briefs all at once, save them and commit to working on a new UI challenge every day, for a month.

When you are done with your daily UI challenge or when you are done with your design, you can even choose to post your design for that day on This is FakeClients’ own feedback platform which lets people post and critique design of their own and others. Give some feedback on other people's work and others are likely to give feedback on your work also. This is the perfect way to learn and practice design as you’ll not only view your work through your own eyes but also get someone else’s take on it which can be incredibly helpful if you are designing every day. Designing every day can quickly cause you to get stuck in your own head. Getting a new perspective can be incredibly helpful to get over that problem. Another way to get over this is to find some new inspiration every day. It will become quite hard to come up with new original ideas once you’ve been designing every day for a while. This is why you need to look for new inspiring work done by other talented people and try to get inspired by their work and process.

FakeClients UI Challenge

Daily UI Design Challenge

The Daily UI Challenge is a very popular challenge within the UI design community. If you signup for the Daily UI design challenge, using your email, you’ll receive a new UI challenge every day for 100 days. The challenge has been used by thousands of people and is arguably the most popular of them all. The site states that UI designers from large corporations like Disney, Microsoft and Netflix have used their UI design challenge. With many very positive reviews and the fact that it is 100% free makes this a challenge you should definitely try out as a UI designer. When you are done with your daily design, be sure to share it on Instagram or Twitter with their hashtag, which is also very popular, to get some extra exposure.

Daily UX Challenge

Unfortunately, there aren’t many daily UI challenges other than fakeclients and daily UI. If you are looking for other daily UI challenges, maybe the daily UX challenge might be worth the try. UX design is a very important part of the design process and plays a big role in UI design. It can’t hurt to improve your UX design a bit while doing a daily design challenge. Use the daily UX design challenge to think of new UI designs to create with each new UX design challenge you receive. The daily UX challenge makes you think in another way than the daily UI challenge would. You will learn to think more from the perspective of the user rather than purely the visual aspect of the design. This is a great reason why you should try your hands on the daily UX challenge if you are looking for a UI design challenge and you’ve already finished both the daily UI challenge and FakeClients. An important part of UI design and definitely UX design is getting feedback from users and other designers. Use a website like to get some feedback and keep learning about the best practices in design.