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Cool logos that are easy to draw

June 9, 2020 - By August van de Ven
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Drawing popular logos is not only a fun exercise for logo design and drawing practice, but it also helps you get better at designing new logos while getting better at drawing. Below is a list of some cool logos that are easy for everyone to draw. You can change the difficulty of the exercise by either just drawing the flat logo as if you were looking at it from a screen or try to exactly draw it like it’s displayed on the pictures below.

A 3D model of the McDonalds logo mounted on the wall of a McDonalds restaurant


McDonald’s has one of the most recognizable and well-known logos and branding in the world. The logo has been in use since the 1960s and pretty much anyone knows what it represents. It’s quite an easy logo to draw but it can be hard to get exactly right.

The vintage Mercedes-Benz logo on the hood of a car


The Mercedes-Benz three-point-star is one of the easiest logos to draw as a beginner. The iconic star has been in use for over 100 years and is used on all Mercedes cars and is synonymous with luxury. The most important aspect you have to look out for when drawing this logo is the proportions of the star. If you draw the points of the star too skinny or too wide it quickly looks off and no longer like the Mercedes logo.

The shiny Volkswagen logo emblem on a VW bus


Just like Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen’s logo hasn’t changed much in almost 100 years. It’s just as iconic and it’s a great exercise to draw this logo. It’s also a great design as it’s a recognizable symbol with the ‘VW’ initials of the brand hidden inside of it.

The Apple logo on a Macbook in a dark room


If you’re a beginner, Apple’s logo might be a little harder than the logos mentioned before but it’s still a great drawing exercise. Especially if you want to practice drawing the right proportions of a logo, this one is the ultimate test. Because the logo is so famous and recognizable, it can be hard to draw it exactly right but it should get easier after a few tries.

The Vans logo printed on a black hoodie


As the previous logos where mostly symbols, the Vans logo is a great logo to draw if you want to practice drawing wordmarks. This lettering isn’t too complex so it’s an easy drawing exercise to start practicing drawing logos.

A large 3D model of the Adidas logo placed on the side of an Adidas office


Just like the other logos, the Adidas logo is a great logo to use as a reference for drawing logos. It might seem like a very easy logo to draw because it’s simply three wide stripes. That isn’t necessarily true, however, as just like the McDonald’s logo, it can be quite challenging to get the proportions of the stripes exactly right. If you want to up the challenge a bit, you can also try to draw the wordmark beneath it or even try to draw the other ‘Adidas Originals’ leaf-like logo.

The BMW emblem on a car


Car brand logos are often the perfect logos for practicing drawing logos. As they are often made to be recognizable from a distance and are applied with real-world materials as emblems. That’s the same for the BMW logo. It’s also been in use for over 100 years without much change and is a simple logo to draw. When it comes to car emblem logos, you can also set the difficulty of the drawing challenge for yourself. Either draw the flat logo or try and draw the full emblem in 3D as you would see it on a car.

Generate more logo ideas

If you are done with this list or just want to move on to other challenges, you can use our logo prompt generator to generate even more logo design ideas. On you can generate an unlimited number of logo design prompts so you can practice as much as you’d like. It’s a great practice exercise for any aspiring or beginning designer as you’ll practice logo design and you can use your imagination to think of good ideas for the logos you’ll have to design.