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Character Prompt Generator for Drawing and Illustration

May 6, 2020 (updated) - By August van de Ven

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What is a character prompt generator?

When you start out drawing or illustrating and you want to get some practice or just draw for fun, it often can get difficult to come up with some new drawing ideas to keep going without losing inspiration. Especially with character drawing and illustration, it can be more useful to the development of your drawing and illustration skills to practice using prompts instead of self-thought of topics. When someone else gives you a character prompt, it makes it more of a challenge and gets you out of your drawing ‘comfort zone’. It also helps you just getting more new ideas for characters and other things to draw. This will eventually help you become a way better illustrator because you challenge yourself to learn new things and discover new ways of illustration you maybe didn’t know about.

A character prompt generator works by giving you a random prompt for you to draw something specific. In this case, it will give you a character prompt for you to draw a specific character. is a great tool to use as a character prompt generator. You just press the start button and the generator will pick a few randomly selected characteristics for the character prompt. These are then combined and given to you in the form of a character prompt.

Dynamic poses character prompt generator

If you are looking to learn more about character drawing and illustration, practicing using reference images is one of the best ways to get better at it. As drawing dynamic poses is one of the most difficult skills to get better at, practicing character illustration and drawing using reference images of various different dynamic poses is a great way to master character illustration and drawing. If you go to, you can start practicing character illustration using reference images. Simply press start and a random reference image will be shown that you can use to try to replicate and practice your illustration skills.

FakeClients illustration and drawing prompts

If you are looking to try out a drawing prompts generator, FakeClients is a great way to start out. With FakeClients you can generate an unlimited amount of randomly created illustration and drawing prompts. These prompts are all generated randomly which means that almost none of them are the same. When you visit FakeClients, simply click the red start button and a random illustration prompt will be created for you. You can click the button as much as you’d like until you find a prompt you’d like to work on. The generator not only generates character descriptions but also different kinds of landscapes and other inanimate objects that are great drawing exercises. After generating a character or drawing prompt, you can give yourself a set amount of time to work on the character illustration or just let yourself take the time. After that, just try again and generate a new prompt.

Getting feedback on your character drawing or illustration

When you feel like you are done, you can also get some feedback if you like. is an excellent place to ask other designers and illustrators for feedback on your work. Simply post your character drawing or illustration of the feedback page with a small description and title of what you made and what your character prompt was. Be sure to give the others some feedback too. This will improve your chances of getting some feedback on your character illustration as those people will be notified of your comment and will likely look at your character illustration too.

Other character prompt generators

A great alternative to FakeClients’ character prompt generator, is Drawing Ideas is a site that much the same as FakeClients. It is, however, way more useful for beginning illustrators or people that just like to draw casually. It also functions a lot like FakeClients. You simply need to press the big red button on the homepage. This will generate a more simple prompt for you than FakeClients and the prompts are more focused on letting you draw new things for fun rather than practicing drawing and illustration to make it your career.

If you want a more direct way of generating character prompts, is another great alternative to generate some character prompts. It doesn’t give the prompts in the form of a brief but it gives a bunch of different random requirements that you have to try to stick to when creating the character. Unfortunately, it does limit the number of prompts you can generate to 10 so you’ll have to be careful or upgrade your account.

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