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The Best Web Design Exercises - How to get better at website design

04-21-2019 - By August van de Ven
The FakeClients Web Design Exercise Generator:

When you start out as a web designer, it can be very hard to get your first client or your first idea for a new website to practice your web design skills on. There are many ways to fix this, however, there are many exercises that you can do to get way better at web design than you are now.

One of these ways is using FakeClients’ web design exercise generator. FakeClients is a website which helps out aspiring logo designers, graphic designers, illustrators and web designers get their first practice projects. Using FakeClients’ generator you simply click the start button on and FakeClients will give you a randomly generated practice exercise as if you just got your first web design client. These generated briefs are completely random which means you’ll get a unique new one every time you click the button. The briefs consist of a client who states his or her business/name and tells you what they want exactly. Sometimes they give you a website they want it to be inspired by and sometimes they might give you some colors to work with. This all reflects the process you go through with a real client so this is one of the best ways to get some practice as a web designer. Once you’ve got the brief you’d like to work on, you simply start your design process like you would for any other client. Once you’re finished you can even share your design on to get some feedback from other designers and some exposure. It’s also a great way to build up a portfolio if you are lacking project to put on there.

Another well-known way to practice web design is to copy or redesign existing websites. Simply pick a website you like or you think could be improved and try to make a better design. It’s a great practice exercise but these are not really projects to put on your portfolio unfortunately as the websites you redesigned may not be okay with that.