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How to Generate Art Prompts for TikTok - Art Prompt Generator

June 17, 2020 (updated) - By August van de Ven
Generate Art Prompt Ideas for Drawing:

As TikTok has grown to be more and more popular, drawing TikToks has also seen a huge increase in popularity. TikToks related to art and drawing specifically have become one of the most popular categories on TikToks today. People will share videos of themselves drawing or will make a video of an interesting drawing or illustration they’ve made. These drawing TikToks range from realistic portrait drawings to cute cartoon-like drawings and how-tos.

Someone drawing a cartoon face Someone drawing a realistic portrait

Why create drawing TikToks, using an art prompt generator?

If you are also looking to start sharing your drawings on TikTok or create some how-to-draw tutorials, you should definitely try it out. As drawing videos often have people following along or just watching it a few times, the average watch duration on those types of TikToks is really high. The algorithm behind TikTok’s recommendations likes that kind of behavior which means that your posts will ultimately be recommended more and thus be viewed by more people.

Besides TikToks related to drawing specifically, other types of TikToks related to art are also gaining a lot of popularity lately. Especially since people have been stuck to staying at home more and are looking for possible indoor activities, art projects have gained a lot more interest. People are not only looking to share their works of art on platforms like TikTok, a lot of people are actually using TikTok to get more inspiration. The fact that most people interested in art on TikTok are looking for inspiration, makes it very easy to get your TikToks seen by many people. This is especially true if you are able to try out something unique in terms of art on TikTok.

How to get ideas for things to draw?

One of the most common problems, when you are trying to create drawing TikToks, is that you can quickly run out of ideas for things to draw. This is a really common problem among artists as it’s difficult to think ‘outside of the box’ when you’ve been drawing for some time.

Luckily, there are currently tons of different options that can help you perfectly in finding ideas for things to draw on TikTok. One of the solutions is to use a what-to-draw generator. These what-to-draw generators can help you get new drawing ideas for TikTok by generating a totally random set of requirements and prompts for you to keep by.

Screenshot of the fakeclients drawing idea generator

A great example of one of these drawing idea generators is FakeClients can help you generate art prompts and drawing ideas for TikTok in a way just like to name suggest. It randomly generates drawing prompts as if they came from ‘clients’ asking you to draw something for them. This is a great way to both get drawing ideas and get some drawing practice as it challenges you to draw according to the prompt and the requirements that were given to you.

How to use an art prompt generator for drawings?

To use a drawing idea generator for coming up with drawing ideas for TikTok, simply go to a site like and press the 'generate prompt'-button. This will generate a random and unique drawing prompt for you. You can either use that prompt and challenge yourself a bit or just generate new drawing prompts until you get one that you like.

Screenshot of the fakeclients drawing idea generator

Other TikTok art prompt generators

Besides, there are quite a few other drawing idea generators that you can use for TikTok art prompts and drawing ideas.


One alternative of is It works much the same way as FakeClients as it simply generates a new drawing idea each time you press the generate button. This generator is a bit more focused on drawing specifically instead of illustration, which may be a bit more helpful to beginners.


If you want some way to generate drawing ideas when you’re on the go or don’t have an internet connection, WannaDraw is worth checking out. WannaDraw is a fairly new app that was created by TikTok creator AudityDraws. The app was launched for both Android and iOS in 2020 and gained a lot of popularity thanks to their large following on TikTok. The app is quite simple. It works by showing you two different parts of a drawing prompt and the app shuffles them around so you get a random drawing prompt each time.

Screenshot of the WannaDraw drawing idea generator

ArtPrompts has been around for quite some time and is probably one of the most well-known generators for drawing ideas. The prompts can be a bit simple or not make much sense sometimes, but it is still a great option if you are looking for some fun practice ideas for things to draw.

Screenshot of the ArtPrompts drawing idea generator

Generate Drawing Ideas: