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Pixel Guesser

This game is currently not playable on phones and tablets

Try to get the lowest possible score!

As design has become an increasingly more digital field, pixels make up most modern designs. Pretty much all designers come in contact with pixels at least once during their work process. When you work with pixels every day, you'll probably notice that you've gotten quite a good sense of pixels as a means of measurement. This knowledge isn't useless as it'll help you be a lot faster in, for example, sizing fonts correctly and quickly drawing rectangles and circles without having to manually resize them later. This is also why we created the pixel guessing game. You can test your knowledge of pixel sizes for fun or you can try to get a better sense to make your digital design process easier. The game is actually very simple in the way it works. When you start, you'll be given a prompt with a particular set of measurements. The goal is for you to draw a rectangle by simply dragging your cursor across the screen and to try and get as close to the given measurements as possible. When you're done and you release the cursor, the correct size will be shown and you'll know how far you were off. The number of pixels you were off will determine your score and the lower your final score is, the better you've done. Try it out now and try to get the lowest score!

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