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How To Get Drawing Ideas for Teenagers

January 4, 2020
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The necessity of practice for teenagers

Drawing on itself can be quite a difficult task, however, it can be even more challenging when you are feeling rather uninspired. Seeing as how practice is one of the most important sides to learning how to draw and how to keep improving, one must try to draw as often as possible, especially if you are still young and or just starting out, practice really is the key to being a skillful artist. But it can be hard to always think of new and original drawing ideas. And if you happen to be relatively younger, you might not be interested in the things that used to inspire the artist of today and past days. Therefore, here we number a few ways to get new drawing ideas for teenagers.

How to get inspired as a teenager

One way to get rid of that artist’s block or simply to get your inspiration back on track is by using a drawing idea generator. These generators basically mix up an idea or task for you to draw within an instant, with a close resemblance to how a real client would. These can include everything from color to technique. This can be a great solution for when you feel like you have nothing to draw, but it can also function as a perfect way to practice on how to work with potential future clients or to start on a portfolio for if you are just starting out and you strive to be in the professional art world. One way for teenagers to get these generated briefs is through the website

Getting new drawing ideas by using is a brief generator where you can get new drawing ideas, but also logo design ideas and more. To use the drawing idea generator, simply go to and switch from ‘Logo Design’ to ‘Illustration’ within the menu on the homepage. By then clicking the ‘start’ button, you will start to see short drawing idea briefs pop up on the screen. These contain a subject and a preferred technique and sometimes even more details. The briefs are made so that they are perfect for both more experienced drawers and new artists because of their wide range of subjects and illustration techniques. These techniques can range from basic graphite pencils to only using watercolor paints, and the subjects differentiate a lot too, as these can go from Albert Einstein to simply a bird. The subjects are often relatable for teenagers and younger people as well so that the drawings are also still fun and challenging for teenagers and younger artists. If you get sick of illustrating or if you are longing to expand your artistic skillset, you can also take a look at the other options within the menu. Maybe try out logo design for once, or check the briefs you receive of the graphic design option. By going pro, you can even post your creations on the Feedback section, where other artists or critics can help you improve by criticizing and complimenting your artwork.

Alternative ways to get drawing inspiration

Even though is a great way to get reinspired, it is not the only one available and suited for teenagers or drawers who have only recently started. If you are seeking to mix it up a bit, check out Pinterest or Instagram, both huge platforms with something interesting for any artist raging from young to old. Another interesting and free page is Dribbble, a website solemnly made for art.

However, the plus side of drawing is that it can be done anywhere if you want to. A great way to get back your inspiration is by stepping out of your routine and out of your comfort zone. If you tend to draw inside, try going outside with a sketchbook and just draw the thing around you. A well-known way to practice art is by drawing the faces or postured of people around you. By doing this on the spot, you really learn to look at 3D objects and put them on paper in 2D. You can also try drawing buildings, plants or other interesting structures.

Drawing idea tips for teenagers

Therefore, if you are a teenager looking to be a more skilled artist, there are certainly more than enough ways to do so. Try websites such as to really challenge your creative abilities and skillset. If you are looking for a little more simple drawing ideas for teenagers, try redrawing inspiring pictures or other artworks from Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr or design your own version of the posted works. And if you are looking for constructive feedback, try posting your own works, on Instagram for instance, or in the feedback section on