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Best Drawing Idea Generator App & Other Alternatives

20 January 2020

Drawing idea generator:

How to overcome an artist block

The process of getting inspired can be one of the hardest parts of drawing and art in general. An artist block can be hard to overcome if you are unable to get outside of your head. Once you find a fitting platform to get your inspiration back, you will finally be able to get back on your artistic track. Therefore, here are some good drawing idea generator apps for when you are feeling uninspired or if you are simply looking for a simple way to get back into drawing by getting some fresh and original drawing content.

Draw it! - Creative Ideas

A perfect way to get drawing ideas is by using ‘Draw it!’, a drawing idea generator app in the Google Play Store. It gives you a large range of different subjects, from ‘Fantasy Characters’ to ‘Dogs’ to ‘Human Body Parts’. But not only does it give you a subject, but it also gives you a quick description or some fun details to make your drawing more challenging. For instance, when clicking on ‘In The Nature’, it provides you with a location, a mood, a theme, and an included object or animal. It's a fun app for generating drawing ideas because it has loads of different genres, settings, making it difficult to get bored easily from this app. It is also possible to become a Premium Supporter if you want to unlock even more packages with drawing ideas.

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Sketch Ideas

‘Sketch Ideas’ is yet another unique app to get drawing idea inspiration. For only $1.99 you can find this app in the App Store. It is a clean and simple app that is very easy to use. By clicking a button the app will give you a ‘WHO’ and a ‘WHAT’ to draw. That way, you will have a subject, which can be anything from a vegetable to Beyonce, and the scenario the subject finds himself in. You can also add new WHO and WHAT cards when you are feeling inspired. If you come across a card which is not within your interests or capabilities, you are also able to delete certain cards you don’t like as much. It is even possible to ‘lock’ one of the given cards, for instance, if you do like your WHO card, but you would rather see it with a different WHAT card. This way you will find the perfect generated drawing idea.

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What to draw?

‘What to draw?’ is a similar drawing idea generator app to ‘Draw it!’. It is also available in the Google Play Store and has a large variety of different categories such as ‘Medieval Fantasy’ and ‘Cyberpunk and Space’. However, ‘What to draw?’ also gives you the opportunity to get feedback on your drawing and on top of that, you are able to select just how complex you want the drawing idea generator to get. Furthermore, you are able to make a favorite list of the generated drawing ideas that you like the most or that you are currently working on within the app. It also provides you with the choice of either randomly generated drawing ideas or pre-written drawing ideas.

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Another great alternative is, a web app which generates drawing ideas for you from easy to hard, making it a great way to get inspired no matter your skill level. It is easy to use and will never bore you because of its endless possible combinations. To use it, simply go to and click on the ‘Generate Idea’ button. This gives you a short and easily understandable drawing idea including some details such as which technique to use, a subject and some other wanted requirements. When done with your artwork, you can also share it on the feedback section within the site. This way you are not only practicing, but you are also receiving criticism and tips on how to improve your skillset and get even better. It has everything you need from a drawing ideas generator.

If you are still finding it hard to get back on your artistic journey, might be exactly what you need. It is also an idea generator, but not only for drawing. By clicking the menu you can choose things such as logo design, illustration, and even web design. This can come in quite handy when you feel like you are stuck when it comes to drawing, as some alternation and variety within your artistic habits might clear your head and get your juices flowing once again. generates ideas within briefs very similar to how a potential future client would, and you can even choose for longer more detailed briefs for if you really want to perfect your skill. By going pro, you can get more of these long detailed briefs and you get access to the feedback page, where you can share your work with others and comment on theirs.