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31 January 2020

Generate unlimited design briefs:

What is is a website that gives you the possibility to find your inspiration, get rid of that artist block and get back on your grind. It gives you unlimited, free and randomly put-together design ideas, much like how a real client would give an assignment. It generates a quick and simple task for you to design, with varying intensities. It is well designed and makes it much easier to get by your inspiration. It also gives a great opportunity for new or beginning designers to start practicing on their portfolio and on handling potential future clients and really getting a feel of the professional art scene.

However, compared to other brief generators, is very limited. Even though the concept of is very good, it can be quite repetitive once you are done with a few of the tasks. It also might be too easy and too simple for more professional and experienced designers. Another setback of is the lack of feedback options. The website does not provide the option to upload your design and receive criticism and tips from other designers as some other websites do. Even though might be a perfect site for some designers, there are also a few great other alternatives of websites where you can get generated design ideas.

Client briefs by is a perfect alternative for The main concept is basically the same, by clicking the start button on the homepage you get a randomly generated short brief with what to design in it. However, the briefs on the homepage are already much more detailed and a bit longer than those on FakeClients briefs provide you with a name, but also with a subject and a prefered style of logo. And, if you get sick of these relatively shorter briefs, FakeClients gives you the option to work with a number of longer and even more detailed briefs, which provide you with a very clear idea of what logo is desired. It truly gives you a feeling of what working with real clients is like. If you even manage to run out of these pre-written free briefs, you can become a pro member, giving you access to even more pre-written briefs and on top of that, it gives you access to the feedback page. There you can upload your artwork to a page with other designers, who can then criticize your logo design and help you improve.

Another great possibility within FakeClients is being able to switch up and choose exactly which art platform you would like to receive briefs from. By going to the menu on the homepage, you can select different styles, ranging from illustration to web design. This allows you to think outside of the box and gives you the chance to expand your artistic horizons.

Briefs from

Another potential alternative for is ConceptStart. Even though ConceptStart is more based on drawing and illustration than designing logos like with FakeClients, it is still a great website for when you are feeling uninspired or for when you are looking to practice on and improve your artistic skillset. ConceptStart gives you a lot of subjects to choose from when seeking inspiration. For instance, these subjects can be Characters, Creatures, Environments, Fan Art, Art Studies, Sci-Fi Fantasy and even more. Within each subject, you also get a large number of details which helps to make your drawing more and more personal. You can choose up to over 15 details to be shown, such as gender and personality if you chose Characters as your subject of choice. They also come with the option to upload your artwork on the art forum page, much like the FakeClient feedback section. Not only that, but it also has a very extensive art gallery, where you can find all sorts of photographs to use as a reference for your artworks. This can be of much help if you are new to the art world or if you prefer some reference whilst working on your illustration. You do need to be a member to receive access to certain of these previously mentioned pages.