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Craig Y

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Som-Num Smart sleep system

3 months ago by Craig Y
The brief asked for fun, not so serious, Scalable logo. I went with what I am calling "Sleepy S". Semi bold ish S with a "nightcap", I feel this Keep on message and is more similar to Casper as mentioned in the brief. I had another idea to incorporate a logo that had night and day again playing into the fun side with the moon over the "Som". Also, a different S to have something ready if the "Sleepy S" is too fun. that being said the sleepy s works in the space as well. Lastly in the day section I have snugged the N & M in the U because who doesn't like that in bed.

a tagline I would throw out there might be
"Sleep starts with... (Som-Num)"

So… whata you think???

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