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Anita Petrovic

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I love this so much
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
I have to leave feedbacks so I can post my work so here we go. I love how nothing is aligned and especially how the house is on fire with no chimney and it’s particularly lovely that you spelled it coffe
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
Love the pictures , love the vibe , would be 10/10 if you had an access to some less basic fonts probably. Very nice regardless
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
Eh this thing is forcing me to leave feedbacks and yeah I guess that was a test
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
So cute and creative, would be funnier if you did xo instead of ox imho but maybe you tried to avoid the association intentionally. Either way , love it
4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
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Som-Num mattress company logo

4 weeks ago by Anita Petrovic
My logo design is inspired by the simplicity of the logos of the companies that were mentioned at the end of the brief, so I started from that aesthetic and created a symbol that can be read as S or N depending on the angle. I decided to add a feather-bodied swan on top of the symbol because feathers are traditionally associated with mattresses and luxurious sleeping experience. The same symbol I initially created can be repurposed by adding another layer so it represents a Bluetooth logo for sake of that products campaign (I’m up,landing only the basic version of the logo here because I can upload only one picture).

Apologies about the fonts and picture quality, this is a raster sketch made in Procreate in a couple of minutes

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this was executed well, the idea with the feather and swam merged is excellent, I think if the drop shadow were done away with it would look clearer
3 weeks ago by Sebastian - Reply
I love this! Smart play with shapes, and the colors you chose work very well
3 weeks ago by ANJA MIKOUIZA - Reply