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I feel like there could be a place in there for a dog bone.
3 months ago by Anthony
Hello Michelle, This is really good. The only thing I am going to say is scale it up more because I see Michelle but it takes me a second to see Gobeil. Have A Nice Day!
3 months ago by Anthony
Nice Text! Try to only include 1 font next time like keep the "Knight" text and use it in the bottom.
3 months ago by Anthony
I would not change a thing about this because it is already perfect!
3 months ago by Anthony
Hello, This is really good, but I would advise you to make the text in the top left corner a little bit smaller and a couple of the graphics could be smaller as well. Also, make sure you leave enough negative space so the poster does not look crowded. Good Job! Have A Nice Day!
3 months ago by Anthony
This is a really good steakhouse logo! How long did this take and what tools did you use to make this?
3 months ago by Anthony
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NoteCube Logo Project

3 months ago by Anthony
Here is the logo that I had to create for NoteCube. If you have any feedback please let me know.
I'm Corrie, founder of NoteCube. I'm looking for someone that can make a good logo for my business. I think a combination mark will fit best with the business. Can you do that?

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I like how the logo clearly picks up on the function as well as the name of the brand. I'm wondering if you can think about making it more easily scalable? (think about it very small, for example as a browser tab icon, and very big, for example on top of a tall building)
3 months ago by Jo - Reply