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Wow that's look amazing
5 months ago by Mushonif
Simple and the context is verry obvious
5 months ago by Mushonif


Fake brief logo

5 months ago by Mushonif
Hi everyone, my name is munif and it's my first fake project that I made, so give me some advice and something that make me better for next project. Thanks
Hey There,
I am Johnathon, I just founded a new business called California Cafeteria. We're looking for someone that can create a simple logo for our Cafeteria. I think a combination mark will fit best with the business. Can you do that?

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Try a more customized illustration. The house looks too much like a stock mobile icon. Also, make sure your colors are consistent. For the text, make sure your design is intentional and makes sense to the audience. E.g., What's the reasoning behind a lowercase "c" in cafeteria? Also, consider what you want people to see first the icon or the name. Good luck!
5 months ago by E. Rose - Reply
Looks really nice, good work.
5 months ago by Alka - Reply