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William S

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Good font choice as well!
3 months ago by William S
Awesome flow and colors, I would just say mind your margins. It looks like the San Antonio is too close to the edges. If it were a real file being sent to the printer you would want more space so they don't accidentally cut off any text.
3 months ago by William S
Good concept! Just a few minor tweaks will really pull it together. The stroke weight needs to be consistent on the door and awning, the scale of the door to the awning is slightly off (I would reduce the size of the door by about 30%), and make the stroke on the door have sharp corners similar to your other elements.
3 months ago by William S
Love the logo but using it in the name is a little distracting.
3 months ago by William S
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Graphic Design

3 months ago by William S
I'm Lucius, founder of Los Angeles Café. I'm looking for someone that can design something for my Café. We will need a poster to advertise our business. Can you do that?

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The Concept is nice
2 months ago by NOOR
Nice association work on this one. Probably needs a little attention to the typography though, looks a bit plane.
3 months ago by Alex Lynn