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Drew Giannone

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Theses are a little too simplified. The second image I am not sure what it is and I think you could do a little more with the fork and plate image
3 months ago by Drew Giannone


DTP Shipping Solutions

3 months ago by Drew Giannone

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hello friend, here are some feedback i can give you on this logo, first the cloud kind of wrong, I mean its huge what we used to see artworks in generals maybe if u made it much smaller and added another cloud with a sun in the horizion it will be much better ,2. i get he idea of the road getting out of the 3 main letters , but it make it feels so unconfutable to see and the T is unclear, maybe if u but a white space between the letters and road it will look much better and make the end of the road goes along with green lines that represent grass and also this way you will be able to separate between the actual logo and the wordmark. And thats it hope you find it useful
3 months ago by Hadi Daas - Reply