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Megan Leleniewski

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Love the logo, I would just recommend having an alternate color version where the blue is swapped to white on a black background.
10 months ago by Megan Leleniewski
My only criticism is that I needed to read the brief to know what the subject matter was. I love the simplicity but they did not really imply "sleep" or nighttime exactly. While that may not be an issue once these are embroidered on tags on a mattress, it's just a thought for standalone use. I really like the clock versions, And I love the mountain graphic, but I would maybe consider trying to use a crescent moon - as more of a "sleep" style icon.
10 months ago by Megan Leleniewski
I really like the logo, my only criticism would be that it is a little distracting to have the name in the pattern as well. I would maybe pick a color from the logo, but keep it solid for better visibility.
10 months ago by Megan Leleniewski