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Logo for a twitter scanning app

5 days ago by August van de Ven
I am working on a new webapp which lets you scan your past tweets for any potentially offensive or harmful tweets that you don't agree with anymore.
The white rectangles symbolize the tweets being "scanned".

ChronoCI: Website that finds vulnerabilities in your webapp

2 weeks ago by max

I am aiming for a b2b landing and dashboard design.
Took inspiration from:
Give the button more room to breathe
2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson


Create a new stream page for a streaming website

2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson
This is the page that lets you create a stream on a streaming website. Is it to dark?
Sorry to jump in. New version looks great, is that live indicator supposed to be a button or just a way to let you know it's going to be live? If it's not tapable, maybe just have the element without the border and see how that feels.
1 week ago by Nathan
2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson
Thanks Liz and Clare! Okey will try to use the same color for the background and the form. Will aswell test the colors for red on the dark grey.
2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson


A website for sharing files

2 weeks ago by popey
Designed for a website which allows files to be uploaded quickly and easily. Webpage is light, only 20kb in size. Looking for feedback on the design, as I'm not a very creative person.
When it comes to design/user experience maybe you can use this for inspiration It's clean, quick, and easy to use.
2 weeks ago by Liz Zvereva
Maybe something like this?
2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson
Illustration that shows what the site can do would be awesome! :D
2 weeks ago by joacimnilsson


Logo for a delivery service

2 weeks ago by stancinovici
I am Melisa, creator of The New Chicago Delivery Service. For a while now, we've been looking for a good logo for our Delivery Service. I think a wordmark would look cool. Can you help us out?"

At first, I tried designing this logo with ultra-modern fonts and typography but it didn't feel right. So I had it turned around to a typography that resembles the ones of the old factories of Chicago. The "THE" on top of the wordmark looked a little lonely so I added the 4 stars that are present on the Chicago's Flag.
The typography is nice and definitely represents Chicago well, however the logo overall doesn't say 'delivery company' to me, maybe work in some delivery symbolism somehow
2 weeks ago by Clare