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1 week ago by jiri_pudich
Hello guys,
I have started to learn about graphic design and designing a couple days ago and I have created this. It is supposed to be a gramophone record with the name of the company on it. Can you tell me if its good or not and what would you change? Thank you :)
Hi! Thank you for feedback on my design. I'm glad to hear that you're getting into graphic design. I like the concept. I think it would work a little better if the record was a circle, not an oval. I also like the combination of a sans-serif font with a script font. If I were to change anything about the typography, I would maybe choose a font that looks hand-lettered and curve that a little to make it look more custom. I would also make the text a little bigger, so there's more focus on the company's name. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do in the future. Keep designing ;)
1 week ago by Alex Strøm