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Phoenix Coffeehouse

5 months ago by Haraez
A design I did incorporating a lettermark to a coffee brand. It was hard trying to use an abbreviation for the main focal point of the logo to make it look interesting as I would prefer a pictorial mark for it. I used some elements of a phoenix to give some taste to it's name with a fiery frame representing wings to form the logo.
I'm Parker, owner of Phoenix Coffeehouse. We're looking for someone that can make a good logo for our Coffeehouse. I think a lettermark will fit best. We would love to work with you!

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Thank you. Yes. I think the 'P' looks a bit weird too.
5 months ago by Haraez
I love the colours they really spell coffee for me, the form is quite good, But I don't like the P, and I think the rotated (i) is unnecessary. Overall it's really good. Just expressing my thoughts, really nice job and keep up the good work :)
5 months ago by Kristian